Whiskey Boy

Whiskey Boy is about 9 lbs. and flourishing. Only assume he will not top the 15 projected, but of course, we would keep him no matter what he weighs, LOL. Thanks again for following this up. We feel it is so important for the Cavachons breed to keep on top of any of these complications…. Read more »


Lulu is doing great – such a sweet girl! She is growing up really well and weighs about 10.5 pounds now. She is a little diva, but we love to spoil her! I attached a few new photos of her. One is her after I took her to the groomers – she loves going and… Read more »


Cavachon Puppy in a red vest

Wanted to share a few recent pictures of Pesto, our cavachon that we brought home on July 2. We love him so much and he is truly an amazing puppy – happy, social, sweet, fun and so much personality! We cannot imagine what life was like without him! And he is BIG – almost 20… Read more »


Dear Judy, We adopted our wonderful Cavachon girl from you approximately 12 years ago (in November 2004), and she is absolutely the BEST DOG ever! We love her so much and she is happy and relatively healthy (for her age). She has the best personality – social, very friendly, loving, and would never hurt a… Read more »


Hi Judy – Hope all is well with you. Check out CJ’s funny post-grooming pic, and another playing with his brother TJ. Both cuties, I think. They make many people smile in their travels around Warrenton. Thank you, Evelyn Holst Warrenton, VA


Judy, It has been a while, since we sent you a picture of JoJo. We could not have asked for a better dog. He brings joy to our lives every day. Easy to see why……. Rick Vale Daniel Island, SC


Hi, Our lovely Teddy is growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s a photo from when we first got him and now that he’s 4 months old! He’s with his fav family member!!! Fran Lamster Stamford, CT (6/3/16)

Kensington, Abbey Beau & Britain

Hi Judy- I wanted give you and update on our 3 Gleneden babies. Kensington (4), Abbey Beau (2), Britain (2.5). They are all so different and perfect in every way. Thank you for our precious girls! Jennifer Westcott Raleigh, North Carolina


One year ago today my husband and I brought our Oliver home from Gleneden and the past year has been wonderful because of our happy pup, thank you for our sweet boy! Attached are some pictures from Ollie’s first year with our family. Best, Sara Keck Sterling, VA


Finn had his puppy check-up today and passed with flying colors. The Vet and her techs all love him. He was a star patient even when he got his rabies shot – now I can get his license. They will schedule his neutering surgery in September when it is a little cooler and will fix… Read more »

Beau Buckley

Hi Judy, It has been 5 years since I adopted my wonderful Cavachon, Beau Buckley. I am sure that you have heard this many times, but he is the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. Beau has been a therapy dog for over 3 years and visits oncology patients in a local Pittsburgh hospital… Read more »


Hi Judy – here is sweet 5 month old Jack, now 12 lbs of happiness, very healthy, and completely loved! Lisa Meengs Washington, DC


Hi Judy, Hope you are all doing well and keeping cool. Attached is a photo of our little Zoey (7/3) after her first ever professional grooming. She has been a wonderful addition to our household. She loves everyone she meets and the feeling is mutual. Even our 13 year old cat has learned to love… Read more »

Max & Jax

Hope all is well. Thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of MAX and JAX. This is JAX at 3 months. We ADORE him!!! He ran upstairs and was sitting in the nursery among the stuffed animals. I couldn’t find him until he moved – I thought he was one of them. The other is of… Read more »

Sophie & Cesar

Wanted to thank Gleneden for these 2 perfect dogs. Sophie and Cesar are the most loving and loyal dogs. Now that my kids are grown and have moved on their own, these 2 little babies have helped me feel like I don’t have an empty nest. Everyday is a new adventure. Love, love my Cavachon… Read more »


Hello! We adopted our little Lulu over Memorial Day weekend and we just wanted to tell you how much we loved her! She has the sweetest little personality! She loves everyone and everyone she meets absolutely loves her. We couldn’t be happier with her – thank you so much! Mary Macauley


Maggie is just precious and fitting in beautifully. – Kathy Leslie Damascus, MD (7/29/16)


Hi Judy. I hope all is well in Gleneden. We are enjoying life with Duffy… not so little anymore. He’s so sweet and adorable. He’s a good dog. We couldn’t be happier. Vanessa D’Ambrosia Richmond, VA


MAX is our 11 year old Gleneden Labradoodle meeting his new brother JAX our just shy of 9 week old Gleneden Cavachon. Love them both with all my heart! <3 Wendy Katzen Potomac, MD


Hi Judy, My name is Bernie Rogers, and I’ve been wanting to send you a thank you for quite a while (ahem…yes,….years..) now for breeding such healthy and sound, both physically and mentally, dogs. Specifically, your Cavichons…I managed a boarding kennel for 20+ years, and have been professionally grooming for 36 years now, have a… Read more »