Good morning Pete~
I hope you are doing well! Just wanted to give you an update on Abby. She is such a joy for our family and anyone who meets her. She is sleeping through the night, in her crate, and has been since her second night here. Friends are amazed that she willingly goes in her crate with no fuss! She loves a squeaky toy and loves to cuddle with her green moon toy you sent home with us. She is very playful and likes to chase us and be chased. She’s met a few of our neighbor’s dogs, but we are waiting until furthur immunizations before we venture out with her. She doesn’t love a bath, but tolerates it and loves to run around at full speed afterwards and then falls fast asleep. She conquered going up the stairs early on, but is still a little hesitant and cautious walking down them! At her second vet visit last week, she weighed 5.9 pounds. She captured her vet and vet techs hearts on her very first visit!
Abby is a wonderful addition to our family and we thank you for her!
Take good care~
Jeannette Ricks
Virginia Beach, VA


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