Cute puppies are available from a variety of sources. Some may cost less than at Gleneden; some may be closer to home. Why then, year after year, do so many folks purchase their new family members from Gleneden? Many coming back for a second or even a third puppy.

Its not chance, it’s the Gleneden Value!

Gleneden creates excellent customer value by providing the best “total product.” This has four components:

  1. Best Bred Dogs: Gleneden puppies are from carefully selected parents. Genetically sound dogs with good temperaments, body structure and attractiveness.
  2. Exceptional customer service. Gleneden pampers customers and owners with exceptional service – from selecting the right puppy or dog to caring for one after the purchase.
  3. Breeder leader: For five decades Gleneden has been a noted breeder of fine dogs and since the mid 1990’s has been the leader in bringing crossbred “designer” dogs, with hybrid vigor and health, to market: Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Cavachons and Cavanese.
  4. Animal knowledge and care: Breeding and placing puppies is not a passing fancy or hobby at Gleneden. It is a profession, 24/7. We know dogs. We know how to professionally care for them and have them ready for their new lives with the fine folks who place their trust in us.