Finn had his puppy check-up today and passed with flying colors. The Vet and her techs all love him. He was a star patient even when he got his rabies shot – now I can get his license.
They will schedule his neutering surgery in September when it is a little cooler and will fix his hernia then.
I’ve added a few pictures so you can see how he is doing. He loves the bench at the front window – he announces himself to all who pass by – the neighbors love it. He is a love and thank you for putting us together. He’s a cuddler, too!
Jan Pumphrey Severna Park, MD


Finn: He is funny – loving, already devoted to me. At the moment he is flying around the house with a squeaky ball. He’s eating well and just making me laugh all the time. He will be cherished. Next week we will have Mary Jo Duvall’s Frankie – Cavachon from Gleneden – staying with us. So the boys will be having fun all week.
Again, thank you to everyone!
Janet Pumphrey Servana Park, MD

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