Cavachons Puppy Training

Gleneden Cavachons and Cavanese are intelligent and respond very well to proper training techniques. As with all puppies, they don’t come neatly pre-programmed. No, training will take some time, effort, knowledge, and, above all, “consistency” on the part of those trusted with the dog’s care and well being. Sadly but truly, an untrained, undisciplined dog is a misfit that will always reflect poorly on its “Master”. There is no valid excuse for this ever to happen. If one hears someone grumbling that their dog is “wrecking” their house it is not too difficult to determine where the fault truly rests.

There is a mountain of information available in book stores and on the Internet relative to puppy and dog training, albeit the various techniques espoused seem almost as voluminous as the articles and books themselves. One valuable stop on the Web is – where reliable training and behavior advice is available. Highly recommended is Pat B. Miller’s “Positive Perspectives: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog”. This is a most valuable guide to understanding and training your dog. Also recommended is “Dogs for Dummies” by Gina Spadafori. It contains a wealth of practical information. For TV viewers, a recommended stop is the National Geographic Station and Cesar Millan’s “The Dog Whisperer”. He skillfully teaches dog owners to be loving “pack leaders”.

Good Luck!