Tucker & Sadie

Tucker is about 13 pounds, and Sadie is 10+. They started with us at 41/2 and 5, and have stayed consistently proportionate. Sadie is the higher energy level of the two; she is always happy and exuberant, he is more reserved. At the same time, given the opportunity to be on our laps, she chooses to be on her own pillow while he is snuggled as close as he can get…
Thank you for our sweet pups! Since David and I don’t have children together, we are having an especially good time watching them grow. Two was a good idea…..they are inseparable! They will squabble and tussle with each other like they’re really fighting, and they cuddle up and go to sleep. We still can’t tell who is Alpha. Tucker is of course bigger, but Sadie seems to give as good as she takes.
I hope all is well at Gleneden, and that you’re still making your adoptive families as happy as you’ve made us. The next time we bring the pups to VA, we will pay you a visit.
Best regards,
Carol Cavanaugh
Winter Park, FL

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