Just had to write and give you a quick update on our puppy, Lucy.
She is super smart, total live wire, not shy with kids or people, goes into her crate, last night the yelling before falling asleep was maybe two minutes versus five the first night home, in and out of the doggie door. We just absolutely love this little girl, potty training really going well, she is rewarded with one cheerio, and she knows her name and responds right away.
She has already added so much joy and fun to our life. Our grands are thrilled to have her when they come to visit. Our daughter in law drove the three kids up from Richmond on Saturday, after the three of them ganged up on her, begging to meet Lucy.
Bob’s golfing buddies have brought stuff animals and left with “awe she is sooo cute and such a live wire “. Grown men reduced to that. Kinda funny what a adorable pup can do.
I will send updates every once in awhile if that is ok.
She is perfect and we thank you for her.
Bob and Mary Riviello Centreville, VA

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