Thanks Pete! Yes! She is such a big girl!! Can you believe it?!? I can’t!! She is 14 lbs!!! I am still good friends with her sister Macey’s mom who lives in PA. We chat regularity and exchange notes and lessons learned, etc for Dixie and Macey! It’s so fun to see these sweet litter mates grow up!! She brings so much light into our lives. I have never seen my in-laws, father, nephews, etc. laugh so much. She is such a joy and blessing. As a first time dog owner she has been amazing for me to learn how to train. She is so so so very smart. So remarkably easy to train. My dog trainer has told me that I am spoiled forever because is so smart and so much easier/quicker and fun to train versus ” normal puppies” — she said Laughing! What you guys do there breeding these special creators brings a lot of joy to people. You guys should feel really proud !
Dixie says hiiiiii! Here are some more pics! I now have had 6 people from the dog training/therapy dog world encourage this path for Dixie as her temperament is so amazing. I am interested in getting a second Cavachon. But I haven’t told my husband….yet. Lol!
Ellen and Ed and Dixie Boucher

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