Hi Judy,
My name is Bernie Rogers, and I’ve been wanting to send you a thank you for quite a while (ahem…yes,….years..) now for breeding such healthy and sound, both physically and mentally, dogs.
Specifically, your Cavichons…I managed a boarding kennel for 20+ years, and have been professionally grooming for 36 years now, have a great clientele, a lot of whom have transitioned into dear friends.
I referred a handful of clients that truly trust me, to you, after they lost a dog. Maybe an old Bichon, with all the health issues that come attached to Bichons… that were just looking to downsize from larger breeds, and maybe just some that had NO clue as to WHAT they wanted-but sure knew what they didn’t want.
I’m not saying it’s easy to talk my clients into a Cavichon, but it sure has been easy to talk them into one of YOUR Cavichons!
So thank you again. It’s nice to know that you remain so conscientious.
I visited your website before I ever sent my first client to you, but it’s still a very nervous leap of faith the first or second time, when one has been in dogs for (conservatively) 36 years.
I always look forward to seeing “your” dogs come in for grooming, and every Owner has their dog on a very regular schedule. VERY regular!
It’s like a win-win-win-win-win situation. 🙂
Bernie Rogers

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