RB & Loo

Judy, we are loving these dogs! They are very special! Their personalities are very different but they seem to compliment each other! RB is the queen and she thrives on attention and loves it from anyone and everyone! She is great with kids! She is a perfect family dog! Loo is more reserved. She likes to size people up before she warms up to them. She is content in letting RB have the spotlight–for awhile and then she wants her attention. RB will cuddle with anyone but Loo prefers me or Denny. Loo is so smart. She never ceases to amaze me with her intellect! The only thing I can not break her of, is barking when the doorbell rings!! It drives me crazy but that is her only fault! I can not complain! Loo is my dog! These dogs play so well together! They cuddle with each other! They are a perfect match for each other and for our family!
Linda Carel

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