Just thinking of you and that you might to know how one of your pups is doing.
Remember us….we scooped our furbaby at the WA airport early Jan.?
Our gorgeous guy Grady, is now 5 1/2 mos old and is the joy of our family and neighbours. He is such a happy and smart puppers, and always wanting to play. He knows the names of all his toys and fetches them on command. I LOVES all people and and animals including his newly arrived cat sister who is home for the summer from university with our son.
Grady stands bout 12 in. high with long leg which he is gradually growing into. His sable colouring is gradually fading into cream colour with each grooming and is as handsome as could possibly be. Grady would rather socialize than eat it seems so he is quite slight but is really healthy and full of energy.
It is our desire to share him with others as a St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog once he reaches a year old. Will be enrolling him in dog obedience classes shortly in preparation to do that.
Just wanted to give you a wee update and let you know your pup is wonderful and well. We couldnt be more blessed by our beloved furbaby.
Cheers, John and Jenn Bate
Richmond Hill, Ontario, CA

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