Hi Peter! Just a brief note and a photo of Pippa after her first grooming. Pippa is wonderful and very smart. She knows her name, the sit command, she gives paw when requested and if it is time for a meal she will bark at the counter where her bowl is! She loves belly rubs,… Read more »


Hope all is well. Just want to let you know that Jaz is doing great and she is such an integral part of our family now. We all are like loving her so much and are so happy to have her each day. She is such a charmer, will greet everyone in the morning with… Read more »


Wanted to send you the photo of Toby after his first haircut today. He is doing great – potty trained, knows a few commands & and is incredibly cute, playful and affectionate. Our whole family is in love with him! Thanks for the great work you do with these puppies! Karen Hart Glen Rock, NJ


Haven’t sent you any photos since our precious Cavachon JAX was a puppy. In these more recent photos he is 15 months. He is full of energy, love and mischief. Love Love Love him!!!! Wendy Katzen Maryland


Our little girl, the Cavanese pup, we named Theodosia and are calling her Teddy. “My Theodosia” was one of my wife’s favorite historical novels about Aaron Burr’s daughter. she has been a joy. Teddy is already sleeping through the night in her crate and doesn’t have an accident. Goes out and goes both ways. She… Read more »


One year! It’s her bday!! Hip hip horraayyy!! She says Hiii! I can’t tell you guys how happy she makes us, how much joy and laughter she brings into our lives every day. We are just so darn happy! She brightens our lives so much. She is the best girl ever. We are smitten. She… Read more »


Hi Pete…Thanks again for allowing us to adopt such a sweet, wonderful puppy. She is a joy and will receive so much love. We have had such a great start with this little one. Thanks for everything! Warmly, Libby (and Lauren!) Sabol Dublin, Ohio


Good morning Pete~ I hope you are doing well! Just wanted to give you an update on Abby. She is such a joy for our family and anyone who meets her. She is sleeping through the night, in her crate, and has been since her second night here. Friends are amazed that she willingly goes… Read more »


Not the best pic but we love this dog so much. What a great addition to our family. He is the sweetest yet ornery puppy and we are all so happy to have him. He’s had couole play dates with our friends Gleneden Cavachon and it was really sweet, Thank you again. Ann Slyh Glen… Read more »


Our little one, JoJo, now 18 months old on 6/2, has stolen our house and our hearts! I recall watching the video you sent before we made the trip to adopt him and his toys were everywhere! Nothing has changed. He loves his toys and they are still all over the place! JoJo is maturing… Read more »

Tucker & Sadie

Tucker is about 13 pounds, and Sadie is 10+. They started with us at 41/2 and 5, and have stayed consistently proportionate. Sadie is the higher energy level of the two; she is always happy and exuberant, he is more reserved. At the same time, given the opportunity to be on our laps, she chooses… Read more »

Enzo & Beauregard

We have two sets of separate crates for our boys (living room and bedroom) and they sleep separately at night. However, they’ve decided they want to nap together during the day. When we put Enzo in his crate Beauregard would jump right in his without any encouragement. A few days ago, when they went down… Read more »


Hi Judy! We want to give you an update on Coco. We can hardly believe she is almost two years old! Coco currently weighs 7.2 lbs. She has been spayed and remains healthy. She is a loving and sweet little dog. She’s extremely intelligent and has been easy to train. She is always ready for… Read more »


Judy, Maggie is one year old and continues to be the sweetest little companion!! She loves everyone she meets and they love her. I can’t thank you enough for such a precious pup!! Kathy Leslie Damascus, MD


Just thinking of you and that you might to know how one of your pups is doing. Remember us….we scooped our furbaby at the WA airport early Jan.? Our gorgeous guy Grady, is now 5 1/2 mos old and is the joy of our family and neighbours. He is such a happy and smart puppers,… Read more »


Hi Pete, Riley is 4 months old now and a bundle of energy. He can sit, knows down & comes to us. And best of all he’s housebroken. He weighs 13 lbs and the vet said last week he should max out between 18-20 lbs. We love him so much. He makes us laugh everyday…. Read more »


I can’t believe its been almost a year since we brought Teddy into our lives! He was a year old on April 1. He is a wonderful companion for me and a great friend to our 3 year old Cocker-Mix. They are great buddies and have lots of fun together. Teddy’s favorite morning perch is… Read more »


Hello Glacier, Napoleon and Glistens’ tri-boy, is doing well. He loves walks with Montana, is usually sleeping through the night and mastered the stairs last week! Very athletic! His separation anxiety is greatly decreased. He loves giving kisses and nibbles. Montana and him have played some – when he isn’t trying to bite ears or… Read more »


Judy, Thank you for our beautiful dog Teddy. He’s almost 18 months and weighs 23 lbs. He is a lovable mushy dog with lots of energy and some feistiness. He’s been a great addition to our family. Laura Daisak New Jersey


Just wanted to give you a quick update on our puppy. We decided to name his Gryff, short for Gryffin. I’m a little obsessed with Harry Potter! He did excellent on the ride home and didnt cry at all. We had a little trouble getting him to drink water the first day but by Monday… Read more »