Meet Glow’s Boy!

Glow’s boy was born on September 10, 2019.  He’s had some crate training, and he’s getting quite good at his potty behavior.  This little boy is especially laid back and snuggly, and he just loves to sit on laps!  He has Peach and White coloring with nice big ’spots’.

Love at First Sight!

Each puppy is a treasure. Their home at Gleneden is state-of-the-art in terms of features for care, safety and comfort. Professionally cleaned and sterilized daily, high-tech insulated- ventilated, zone heated and air-conditioned, no corners cut – period.

We place puppies one at a time, taking into consideration the suitability of the prospective home. This is done in a positive spirit, not one of trying to be “exclusive” but rather in knowing from lengthy experience that some situations are just not conducive for a good dog – human family relationship. And that is something we care about, a lot.

We follow a vigorous state of the art vaccination and deworming program. Judging by the overwhelming majority of messages we receive from owners, our pups can be expected to retain their good health and vitality as they mature into adult dogs.

Puppies are sold with care and training instructions, vaccination and health records, and a written health warranty for genetic and hereditary disorders.