Sorry it’s taken me so long….
This is Lily after her haircut in August……such a cutie….full of life, sweet and snuggly!
Last visit to the Vets last month…she’s 7.5 lbs and got her first big girl (3yr) rabies shot.
The Ragdolls just turned 14 (and they weigh 13 and 15 lbs)……and are tolerant of Lily’s barking attentions…..she loves it when they’ll run away and she gets to chase!…the oldest, Mickey, will sometime thrill her by chasing after her!
Just wanted to let you know how much we love her and how grateful we are to have found Gleneden.
I wondered if you have any pictures of Lily’s Mom and Dad? Would love to see them.
Steve’s still doing well….hanging in there…amazed that he has outlived the 10mo life expectancy by 14 mos….we’re looking forward to celebrating our 44th anniversary 1/20/17……..I’m so glad that he talked me into getting Lily while he was still living……it’s been so good to have this little bundle of fur to take our mind of the serious stuff and knowing that he knew she will be a comfort to me later on.
Kristan Huddle
Norfolk, VA

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