Hello Judy,
I wanted to send a picture and update of the puppy we purchased on mother’s day 2014. He has been named Percy.
I thought for your blood lines you might like to know he is a giant of the breed: a trim and fit 26.2 pounds! He has very long legs and a long body compared to the two cavachons we have met: Flossy who belongs to a dentist and Lilly who belongs to a therapist/psychologist.
Percy is very loving, very cuddly, a tad anxious but not alarmingly so, and an incredible rascal…
He shares a house with four sugar gliders (who bring out his hunting instinct, I’m afraid), two foster cats, and a bearded dragon.
He went through two levels of training, and I hope to get him more soon. He is very well socialized with other dogs, so good at reading them. And when he needs to be kenneled, he usually stays with his former trainer at her farm with her cats, dog, other boarding dogs, and two horses. She has two acres fenced in for play time, so he has a mini vacation while there and gets to sleep in her bed more often than not. Happy dog.
Stephanie Ware Stafford, VA

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