Adopting a Gleneden Puppy

At Gleneden we want both you and the animal adopted to have a good life together. Bringing home a puppy is like adding a new member to your family, hopefully for the next decade or more, and should never be done without proper thought and planning. There needs to be an honest commitment to work with the animal on a regular basis so as to fully develop its potential. We, in turn, will provide breeder support for the life of your Cavachon or Cavanese.

Due to recent requests, we have begun crate and leash training several puppies. These puppies will typically be five or more months of age when they go to their new homes. They will have received all of their inoculations and will be ready to interact with other dogs right away.

If you are interested in a more mature puppy that has begun its training, please let us know in the ‘other preferences’ portion of your application.

Judy Hahn and Susan and Pete Hetzel